Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

First post!

Yippee! I have finally started my own blog! Due to my addictive nature, I thought it would be best if I waited until after I finished undergrad to start one. Otherwise, I knew that I would spend way too much time working on my blog and not enough time working on my degree and baby thesis *shifty look* Anyway I plan to use this blog as a way to document my hair journey. I have a tendency to try products or combos and forget what I used. Blame it on the degree insanity.

More about my hair:

In January my hair reached BSL and I was ridiculously happy. Before that my hair had hovered at SL for years (which I foolishly thought was my terminal length). While I was happy with my BSL hair it was getting to be too much because I was also transitioning from relaxed to natural. In January of this year had a massive setback due to being a product junkie (PJ) and not doing strand tests. I tried Aveda's BeCurly line and the protein in the products was way too much for my hair. It matted, tangled and dreaded. It was a nightmare. In order to preserve my sanity I cut my hair from BSL to APL and then began to un-dreaded my tangled hair. You think I would have learned from this but I had a similar set back in April due to Chi's Silk Infusion *guilty look.* Finally after two massive setbacks, I've gotten smarter and started actually reading product labels. 

Anyway, today my hair is thriving despite my setbacks. My hair is almost APL on the natural bits and reaching BSL with the relaxed parts included. My last relaxer was April 2, 2010 and I plan to BC on June 2, 2012 to make it an even 26 months. However it's so hard to fight the urge to BC. . . I have nothing keeping me back but my OCD desire to wait until a semi-arbitrary date. . .

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