Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

3. Holiday 2014: Going Away with WIMPS!

Zip-line View
When I go on holiday I like to be active. I'm not a sleep late, stay on hotel grounds and lounge at the pool type of girl. I use the hotel to sleep, shower and change. I go out every day to explore and experience things. I never eat at the hotel, plus the markup is probably insane.

So, imagine my surprise when I started talking to my family about events for our trip next year. Zip-lining is at the top of my list. Although I'm afraid of heights and haven't been on a roller coaster in years, zip lining in PR was an amazing experience. Exhilarating. I'm not getting on a roller coaster anytime soon, I'm itching to get on my next zip-line.


So I started looking up zip-lining places, assuming that my little brother, cousin and I would go. Imagine my shock when my roller coaster riding, water slide height addicted brother told me that he didn't want to go zip-lining because he "doesn't do those things anymore." WTH!? First of all the kid is 14, so what is this "I don't do that anymore" ish? BOOOOO!

I don''t care, but I will be zip-lining at some point in St. Kitts.

All pictures belong to me and were taken by me.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Generic Curlformer Experience!

I've wanted curlformers from the moment I heard about them. Heatless curls that could stretch my natural hair? SOLD! Except not really, because I don't like the Shirley Temple style of the orange/pink ones on me. I prefer a looser curl so I forgot about curlformers and moved on.

About two months ago I read a thread on the hair boards about the barrel curlformers being released in 24" length. SOLD! Thanks to a Black Friday sale I was able to get two packs of 24 and the soft hood dryer for 20% off as a Christmas gift from my mom.

But, I was worried that 48 curlformers wouldn't be enough. My hair is fine, but also dense. Instead of shelling out the $$ for another pack of curlformers, I shopped around on Ebay and bought a 2 packs of 8 for about $35 with tax.

The packs that I got were pretty crappy. The mesh was ripped at the end of 8 of them. The plastic ends were, I assume dipped, and some of the material crept up the mesh. I had to use a pair of tweezers to remove the plastic bit by bit. I'm not pleased and plan to contact the seller

Friday, November 22, 2013

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum vs. Generic Smoothing Serum


I'm quite pleased to report that the Generic Value Products version PM SS Serum is very similar to the original. Possibly, the only difference I've seen is that the generic makes my hair dry VERY fast. This might be good or bad we'll see.

The generic is sold at Sally Beauty Supply at 6 ounces for $8.99, with the member card it's $7.99

I buy the Paul Mitchell version at Ulta with a $3.50 coupon. Ulta doesn't have prices online, but I'll update this post once I stop in there. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2. Holiday 2014: What To Do With My Hair

As a hair aficionado junkie I've been thinking about how to style my hair for my two week holiday. I need something I can do myself guilt trip my mom into helping me with, because I'll probably wear this style for a month tops. I don't want to pay someone $$$ to do a month long style. Ideally I'd do about 50 braids on my whole head. I can't decide whether to do with or without extensions.

And I want to make sure my edges don't get snatched. I've been nurturing them for about two weeks and I don't want two weeks of fun to ruin them.


Not this long, probably just an 1" past my hair
Shelli of Hairscapades, this is her own hair.

These helped me transition for 26 months, and maintain my sanity in college. Even though I wore them for years I actually don't like braids. We five-heads need more flexibility in our hairstyles to allow maximum forehead coverage LOL.

However, I don't want to fuss with my hair. I want to be able to get up and hit the beach. I can do that with my natural hair, but I'm worried about the effect of the salt water on my hair. I feel like after I came back from PR in  2012, my hair was so dry! But I was going back and forth between the pool and the ocean. My hair was also too short to put it in pigtails or one long braid and have it look good. 

By our trip my hair should be past my goal of 20 inches, so enough for a nice looking single braid.

Kinky Twists:

Not really an option. My hair doesn't like twists with my own hair, so I can only imagine the knotted, tangled chewed up mess that would be waiting for me on the take down after daily beach trips.

Random Tumblr pic

Vlogger Ms. Naturally Mary

Shelli of Hairscapades, with
Nafy Collection Afro Puffy Twist Hair.

Shelli has a great review on her first thoughts about her twists and final thoughts here. Our textures are different, but we both have fine, flyaway prone hair. 

All pictures are from Google, none belong to me. I've tried to credit people where I can. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Inversion Method: My Experience and Thoughts.

When I read about Inversion on LHCF in October, I was very skeptical. My regimen is simple. I'm not a bandwagoner and have never tried Monistat, Sulfur, Paltas, Vitamin OD'ing, Unicorn Tears or Breast Milk. Just kidding on the last two before someone thinks I'm serious LOL.

I couldn't believe that massaging oil into my hair and then standing upside down for 4 minutes was supposed to give me an inch in a week/month. But what did I have to lose. I already had an oil (you can use one of your choice, my preference is jojoba) and I definitely had the time.

So in October I inverted for a week, skeptically with my mom laughing from the couch. I know we all love receipts so I took some half-hearted pictures expecting to get a good laugh in 7 days. Instead I got an entire inch! I was shocked and still am shocked.

So for November's inversion, I stepped my game up and took better pictures. If you think these are bad, trust me October's were much worse.

November 1, 2013 15"
Test Section

November 8, 2013 16"
Test Section
November 8, 2013 16"
Random section

 Don't laugh, I took these by myself with the other hand holding the camera. If I get a new camera for Christmas, I'll make sure to get one with a timer so I can get more of my head in the shot. I know how the internet skeptics get down, since I used to moonlight as one.

I invert bending at the waist and touching my toes for four minutes. I usually watch TV but sometimes I listen to music or just meditate. In case it's not obvious, don't eat too soon before inverting, otherwise you'll be nauseas.