Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Monday, September 23, 2013

3 things this PJ can't toss

One of the important things about being natural having hair on your head, is testing out products. Hopefully after all of your testing you'll end with a few products you like and maybe even a holy grail (HG) item or two. But you'll also end up with a few products that you didn't like/can't return/don't have anyone to give to/don't need, but can't part with. Thankfully my list is short but mine are:

1. Flexi-Rods. I'll be honest. At this point in time curling my hair with flexirods is on my "Ain't nobody got time for that" list. Plus my roots like to do their own thing. Sometimes they fall in line. Other times, I'm walking around with wet roots and a dry faux W&G. I also think they're too large for any style I'd want to achieve, but they still rest in my bottom drawer approx 2-3 years after purchase. Oops.

2. Jane Carter Nourish & Shine. Possibly the first product I bought post BC. Unfortunately the jar still has about 3.9 of its original 4.0 oz. It's too finicky for my taste. It doesn't like to be used with any of my leave-ins. Defiance or absurd optimism is rewarded with dull, grayish hair. Butters make my hair fall into limp stringy curls. I can only use them to slick down a bun/ponytail when I don't plan to wear my hair out again. Sometimes I can get away with using a little JCNS if I wet my hair first, but I don't always have time for that.

3. Bed Head TIGI Foxy Curls. No on all levels. Another rookie mistake. To keep it 100% honest, I can't remember why I don't like this product. But, I do remember not liking the stiffness that it gave my hair. I typically used it for braidouts, and it did me no favors. I'm about to empty the bottle when I get up and use it for my homemade TJ Nourish & Spa leave-in.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Product Rave: On Hair Pins & Bobby Pins

For years, I've used the Diane/regla pins that can be found at literally any BSS. I've always hated these pins because by the end of the day they're always missing the paint (blech!) and tips. Totally ridiculous, but I guess you get what you pay for. SMH.

Anyway, I started my HHJ with a trip to Sally's (with its off the chain employees) to create my stash. As I was heading to the register, my eyes glanced upon the Sta-Rite hair pins below.

My first thought was $2.29 for some hair pins!? Why would I buy those when my current hair pins are so much cheaper? But then I saw the game changer on these pins. They have a little clear ball at the tip. So I gave them a shot and here I am a year later raving about them. They're worth every penny. The tips never come off. The paint doesn't chip. And they've made me a girl who doesn't lose her hairpins and instead puts then in a jar after every use.

The above made me a believer and I shelled out the $8 for these Bobby Pins.

A year later and I still have my jar which is about 75% full. Yay me!

All of these items were purchased by me. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's in My Spray Bottle

I like to keep my spray bottle mixture simple. I use:

  1. Water (not FIJI, I just use the bottle for leftover boiled water)
  2. Matrix Biolage Daily Leave-In Tonic 
  3. Silk Amino Acids
I don't measure, but I listed the above in order of how much is used in my trusty bottle. If I had to guess I say mostly water, 1 TBSP Matrix and a drop of SAA. 

I'm interested in mixing the above with some Trader Joe's Nourish Spa to see how it comes out.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making the Expensive, Inexpensive

When I was a kid my Mom always said, "Everything always comes on sale. Don't pay retail." I didn't realize how true this was until I got older and saw the light. With that said, wait and buy your staples, Pj spree items etc on sale!

My best weapon is that I have my staples and I rarely deviate. I'm also a coupon/discount code/sale fiend. No sale = adiĆ³s! I am very strict about following sale cycles and will not buy one of the items below until it's on sale.

Joico- I buy this once a year at the Ulta BOGO Liter sale. FYI Ulta does not sell most salon products online. My favorite in this line is the K-Pak, but the Moisture line is also good.

Matrix Biolage- I bought this during the Ulta Buy 2 get 1 sale. My leave-in tonic is about 1/2 a liter so the BOGO isn't applicable to this. If I had to guess, I'd say this deal comes around once every 3,4 months. I bought three bottles for about $13 each. This lasts forever since I use it by the TBSP.

Paul Mitchell- Also bought during the Buy 2 get 1.

Kinky Curly- I just started using this in 2013 so the best deal I've gotten so far was a Target buy 2 get a $5 gift card. I also combine this with my Target card for 5% back.

And for the NHR category, I get all of my ZOYA nail products during their BOGOs. As far as I know, they have a Black Friday sale and Earth Day. However, I'm sure there are more since they're very generous with their great polishes!

The other time of year I look forward to is the PJ Day AKA Black Friday! Miss Jessie's is known to offer a BOGO on her products, Curlmart usually has a 20% off coupon, Curlformers has a 20% and the list goes on. I've already started working on my PJ list which only has Kinky Curly and Curlformers. For now.

All items were purchased by me :)