Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Product Rave: Waterpik Shower Head

Stunning Showerhead!
I know this isn't obviously hair related, but stay with me on this one. Due to my incessant nagging gentle suggestion, my family changed the shower head in our main bathroom. With our old shower head we obviously had good water pressure (sometimes the pressure was so strong it felt like I was being pelted by water), but the water only came out in three or four sharp bursts. No bueno. So tonight I bought the shower head above and changed it. There was no tools or plumbers tape involved. I simply twisted the old one off and twisted this one on. After my Mom and brother came out the shower they were both grinning and spent longer in there than they normally would! Both couldn't believe how much better their shower was. I can't wait to wash my hair tomorrow morning (still straight from graduation) and see if the shower head makes a difference. Honestly, anything will be better than the sharp trickle we had before.

I purchased this from Target for 20 USD before taxes.

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