Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Friday, January 10, 2014

GNC's Women's Ultra Mega: Loathing and Gagging

I'm not a resolution person. But on the first of 2014 I might or might not have committed to taking a daily multivitamin.

Originally I was headed to Whole Foods, but my travels took me to GNC instead. I bought a bottle of the Women's Ultra Mega without reading the reviews, because it's a vitamin! What's the worst thing that could happen.

Well I could open the bottle and instantly loathe the stench emitting from the bottle that I'm supposed to take two daily vitamins from.

Or I could take the first vitamin and gag from the overwhelming taste of vanilla and sugar (which doesn't help the stench). What is this compulsion that companies/customers have where everything has to taste "yummy" and "amazing" (two descriptors taken from reviewers on

And to add insult to injury these vitamins have sucralose aka Splenda! What the heck! Why does a vitamin need Splenda?

Next time I'm heading to Whole Foods or maybe I'll go back to my non-pretentious Nature Made. Hmph.

ETA: They're a little more palatable when taken with orange juice, but they're still the nastiest vitamins I've ever taken.

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