Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Quick Curlformer Tips

1. My CF set needs time to dry. Preferably 12+ hours with an hour under the dryer.

2. The soft hood dryer from Hair Flair (CF company) will not fit 48 Extra Wide, Extra Long (EWEL) Curlformers. So instead I do the back of my hair all at once. When I'm done, I place the dryer on the back CFs, tighten the drawstring and begin working on the front. It's still taking me 2 hrs to install so the back gets an hour under the dryer.
-2.5 they aren't kidding when they say use it on low heat. Otherwise your dryer will begin to blister. Don't ask how I know.

3. Wash your CF's! I haven't experienced this yet but I've seen a few ladies mention bacterial growth, or the CF ends falling off due to product buildup. This is just hearsay, but better to be safe than sorry.

4. More hooks = faster process. I plan to buy more when I have a Sally's coupon.

5.  Use something with hold to have a lasting CF set. When I used the Jane Carter my set was nice for a millisecond. Gel gave me a much better look.

Bonus: To speed up installation section and part your hair in advance. Right now I do:

  • 7 rows total in the front. My side part is on the left, so the left has four rows, with 2 CFs by my ear, 3 CFs on the next row and 4 CFs on the last two. The right side has one row of 2 CFs by my ear and the other two rows get 4 CFs. 23 total. 
  • The back gets split into 4 rows across. The nape gets 4 CFs across, row two gets 7, row three gets 8 and row 4 gets 6. 25 total.

To prep for all of those rows, the day of my CF set I braid my hair into the sections above. Then I shampoo and condition in the braids. Then as I'm doing my set I take one braid down at a time.

*As with anything posted here, this is just what works for me.

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