Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Single Strand Knot Emergency!

I was the first adult in my circle of family and friends to go natural and actually wear their hair in it's natural state. I wasn't always pleased with my hairstyles, but I after my BC I decided to wait a year before straightening. That would force me not to fall back on my reliable hairstyle and instead work with my hair.

Bad Hair Day, My Twist-Out
didn't dry completely.
LOL at my Barbie Arm!


As a result, my friends and family usually turn to me for their natural hair questions. I don't mind because I LOVE talking about hair. So I'm always available to give my thoughts on a gel, give praise after haircuts, talk about ACV etc. 

I'm accustomed to these calls/texts but I still had to stifle a laugh when my friend Nicole called me frantically one afternoon.

Nicole: Yanira! OMG. I was just playing in my hair and I found a bunch of little knots! What did I do wrong? Do you have knots? Ahhhhhh! 

Me: Umm yes Nicole, I have knots in my hair. Most naturals call them single strand knots or SKK's. I don't have too many but I seem to get them when I allow my hair to shrink and tangle without product.

Nicole: What should I do? I want to cut them all out right now! Do you cut yours?

Me: Well, I have a system for my cuts. More than one SKK on a strand and it gets cut. An SKK towards the end of my strand also gets cut. Any SKK's combining more than one strand also get cut. Any split end or break is also cut. 

Nicole: AHHHHH! My hair feels gross. I'm cutting them out now.

Me: Ehh, I'd leave them if they're not out of control. The Type-A OCD side of me was shocked at my laissez faire attitude. But a year post BC I see SKK's as an occupational hazard. Meh. 

Nicole is a cutting addict, so she cut all of them out that night. Haha! Do I think she was wrong? No, I can't say what's best for her hair. Would I cut out all of my SKK's today? Nope! 

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