Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Never mix Henna with...

Note to self. Never. EVER. Mix your Henna with Peppermint oil again. I don't care if someone on the hairboards does it and they get a great scalp massage that leaves them feeling invigorated. Or if someone else gets a perceptible amount of growth. 

The other night I decided to get fancy and use a few five, ten several I have no clue drops of peppermint oil. The first ten minutes were okay to slightly irritating. The next ten to fifteen minutes were so painful that I got relaxed flashbacks and wondered what the heck I'd done to myself.

After 30 seconds rationalizing, I ran to the sink and washed that ish out like Denzel in Malcom X. 

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