Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lush Henna Nightmare


Although I was very happy with my Nupur Henna, the PJ in me couldn't resist trying Lush Henna. I love everything I've tried at Lush all two of the items so I should love their henna right? Wrong!

First the smell. Maybe it's due to the heady nightmare than can sometimes be Lush, but when I bought this the smell didn't seem overpowering. It was pleasant. Almost like the Turkish Delight Creme. Once at home and on my head, it was a different story. Nauseating and gag worthy are two things that come to mind. I wrapped my hair in tons of saran wrap and sat in the backyard hoping to diminish the scent. Fail.

What I wanted to do

Second. Mixing up my two blocks took forever. A few people said they grated theirs and others used hot water. I decided to let it soak in warm/hot water for a little while. Then I attacked it with my Henna spatula. And lastly I used my hands to mush the leftover chunks. Ridiculous. During all of this mashing I noticed little black flecks floating in the Henna. "Weird, maybe that's the coffee?" I thought.

Third. Putting this on was a total mess, but I probably made the mix too thin. I wasn't inclined to mash another block so I forged ahead. This one's on me.

Fourth. I typically keep my henna in for 6-8 hours depending on what I have to do. I don't like that smell either, but it's tolerable. I washed this mess out after 4 hours which was quick for me, but the max according to the instructions. Upon rinsing the little black flecks that seemed innocuous had turned into hard black pieces that felt like little pieces of rock or hard plastic (which obviously it wasn't but those pieces were hard!).
Picking that ish out over the week SMH

Five. When I rinsed it out I had absolutely no difference. Which shouldn't be, since my hair is extremely porous. No difference to the naked eye, my hair samples from before and pictures.

What actually happened
What I expected
A total waste of time and money. The best thing about this was that after explaining what happened, my Lush store accepted my return.

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