Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2. Holiday 2014: What To Do With My Hair

As a hair aficionado junkie I've been thinking about how to style my hair for my two week holiday. I need something I can do myself guilt trip my mom into helping me with, because I'll probably wear this style for a month tops. I don't want to pay someone $$$ to do a month long style. Ideally I'd do about 50 braids on my whole head. I can't decide whether to do with or without extensions.

And I want to make sure my edges don't get snatched. I've been nurturing them for about two weeks and I don't want two weeks of fun to ruin them.


Not this long, probably just an 1" past my hair
Shelli of Hairscapades, this is her own hair.

These helped me transition for 26 months, and maintain my sanity in college. Even though I wore them for years I actually don't like braids. We five-heads need more flexibility in our hairstyles to allow maximum forehead coverage LOL.

However, I don't want to fuss with my hair. I want to be able to get up and hit the beach. I can do that with my natural hair, but I'm worried about the effect of the salt water on my hair. I feel like after I came back from PR in  2012, my hair was so dry! But I was going back and forth between the pool and the ocean. My hair was also too short to put it in pigtails or one long braid and have it look good. 

By our trip my hair should be past my goal of 20 inches, so enough for a nice looking single braid.

Kinky Twists:

Not really an option. My hair doesn't like twists with my own hair, so I can only imagine the knotted, tangled chewed up mess that would be waiting for me on the take down after daily beach trips.

Random Tumblr pic

Vlogger Ms. Naturally Mary

Shelli of Hairscapades, with
Nafy Collection Afro Puffy Twist Hair.

Shelli has a great review on her first thoughts about her twists and final thoughts here. Our textures are different, but we both have fine, flyaway prone hair. 

All pictures are from Google, none belong to me. I've tried to credit people where I can. 

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