Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Insanity Shoes: Nike Flex Trainer 3

These are my workout shoes, resting on my yoga mat that I bought for the plyometric exercises. The color isn't that insanely bright in person, but they definitely are not wallflower shoes. I find them to be quite comfortable for my feet which have high arches and tend to supinate/under pronate which means that when I walk I put my weight on the outside of my sole. When I look at the bottom of my shoes, they're all worn down out the outer portion meanwhile, the instep looks perfect hahaha. Ohh well.

On a vain/OCD/first-world problems/totally ridiculous tangent, my shoes are so bright and hard to match that my workout attire is mostly white, black, gray and navy. Ohh well, at least they're classic neutrals that I can wear with any workout shoe.

After day one I thought my arches would be hurting me (sometimes I have Plantar Fasciitis like symptoms), but they were fine. In fact, the only problem that I was was that my wrist/palm of my left hand was hurting me after the first test that involved using it. I had to modify the other moves by using my forearms which slowed me down a bit.

The perforated portion (that's under the check sign in the top photo) worked great to help with any potential instep pain.

Thus far, I have no complaints :)

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