Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 1 of Insanity Workout

Today was my first day of Insanity and whew, it was NOT easy.

My measurements: I have always been skinny with a little belly, but under 120 pounds which works well for my 5'4" frame. I have really long legs and almost no torso, so any extra weight there can look really sloppy.

Some background on my athletic life:  Before high school, I never played any sports except a random year where I did ballet. Then in high school I picked up tennis, winter track and spring track for a few years. Once I got to college I  didn't start working out until I got a little freshman soda gut. My Mom never bought soda for the house, so I went overboard and started drinking sprite and root beer every day. Anyway, I kicked the soda habit and for the next four years of college I did yoga 2-3 times a week with 1-2 days of Pilates or Kickboxing thrown in. 

When I was working out regularly, my stomach stayed flat for the entire day. Now, my stomach is only flat when I wake up in my morning, which is nothing fantastic.

The real breakthrough that made me decide to start working out were some pictures of myself from July 4th. My stomach looked horrible in the pictures and I was sucking it in with all my might hahaha. Granted I had just left a barbecue, but I hadn't eaten anything outrageous (some berry salad, pasta salad, a corn, and a chicken leg). That night, I channel flipped until I found an Insanity infomercial and watched the entire thing. I bought the DVD's that same week after reading a few blogs to make sure it wasn't a scam. 

Anyway, back to today. The fit test was HARD. I was drenched in sweat even though I had a fan directly pointing on me and ice cold water (I sweat even more than I used to sweat during kickboxing class in the plex/gym at my university that had no AC despite it's sweltering temperatures). 

Here are my fit test results:

Switch kicks, 62
Power jacks, 46
Power knees, 79
Power jumps, 30
Globe jumps, 7
Suicide jumps, 15
Push up jacks, 25
Low plank obliques, 28

A tiny-teeny part of me is dreading tomorrow since I know it'll only get harder, but I'm trying to block out the negative thoughts and think forward to 60 days from now when I'll be so happy that I became an Insaniac. 

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