Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Thoughts: Aubrey (Organics?) Honeysuckle Rose

I bought this product last month during my Chi Silk Infusion, protein overload induced setback.

Unfortunately the smell leaves a lot to be desired. . . my brother thinks it smells like a urinal cake. I've never smelled one but this does have a scent that reminds me of bathroom cleaning products.

The product is very thick so I dilute it with a little bit of Jojoba oil before using it. Otherwise, I could easily use the bottle in two or three washes. On the bright side, this product is extremely moisturizing. It made me notice that my hair was not as moisturized as I previously thought it was. All of my curls were in perfect formation for the first time ever. For the first use I DC'ed with it using my version of a heat cap : A plastic shower cap covered by a towel. When I washed it out a few hours later I noticed that my hair had somewhat of a coated feeling, but honestly I was just glad to be tangle free.

For the next use I DC'ed with it again and decided to dilute it for a leave in spray. Here is where my problems began. I put a dime sized amount in about 6 ounces of filtered water. While my hair felt moisturized, my scalp was unbearably itchy and it felt dirty. I literally sprayed, left for class and then ran back to my apartment on a break, rinsed my hair in the kitchen sink and then left for my next class.

I still have about half a bottle left, so for my next use I plan to be very careful. I will make sure to apply it at least an inch from my scalp. Additionally, I won't baggy with the product because I want to eliminate any chance of the product touching my scalp.

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