Hair Collage!

Hair Collage!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Would you . . .

Would you use a styling product that worked perfectly with your hair but made your skin break out?

This question came across my mind as I listened to a fellow curly talk about her regimen. She loves a Tresemme mousse that makes her 2c/3a hair look amazing. Perfect definition, lots of body, not too much crunch and a great smell. The only problem? It makes her forehead breakout in cystic acne. As I watched her do her hair she half-jokingly told me, "I love my skin, but I love my hair so much more." If she likes it, I love it. Personally, I would toss the mousse. While my hair is important, I can always search for another product to give my hair similar results. Clearly my beloved five-head and I are together for life. Plus I think it's a little ridiculous to search for products to combat unnecessary breakouts.

If I had to choose between A) leaving the house with a full face of make-up (foundation, powder and etc.) and perfect hair or B) leaving the house with minimal make-up and good hair, I'd choose B every time. Am I the only cracking up at the fact that this is being written on hair blog?


  1. Hey Girl!

    I agree with you. The best thing about being naturally curly is that if you "mess up," you always have a safety style i.e. Wet bun, puff, W&G. When my skin is a mess it really takes a toll on the way I feel about myself.

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Thanks for commenting, I fell off blogging but I'm back :D

      Anyway, I agree and that's one of my favorite things about being always have multiple back ups. When my relaxed hair got messed up, it was messed up until I could home and flat iron or roller set.